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Knight Law Group is a distinguished California law firm that practices consumer rights protection and mass tort litigation. We have successfully represented thousands of clients in cases for automotive lemon law, dealer fraud, personal injury and product liability. Our on-site staff in our Los Angeles office provides services in nearly a dozen languages to serve a diverse array of consumers all across California. The combination of an all-star team, top experts and a wealth of resources has led to record verdicts, successful client outcomes and industry-leading settlements.

Knight Law Group holds large corporations accountable when they fail to meet their legal obligations and put consumers in harm’s way. Our firm’s success speaks for itself. Not only have we been awarded record verdicts, but we have also obtained industry-leading settlements.

Record of Success

Our record verdicts are the result of a hard-working, all-star team working with a wealth of best-in-class experts and cutting-edge resources. Our top attorneys’ passion for delivering excellent results has resulted in the firm achieving unprecedented results.

Client Experience

We believe that providing professional representation is of the utmost importance. Our team of multilingual client service professionals is well-versed in consumer rights and will gladly explain the ins and outs of the legal process to any first-time clients.

Record Verdicts

When large businesses and corporations fail their obligations to consumers, we aim to hold them accountable and help you get the recovery you deserve. Our firm has obtained industry-leading settlements and record verdicts for vehicle owners across California.

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