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When going up against large corporations, California consumers deserve the best legal representation possible. Knight Law Group holds large corporations accountable when they fail to meet their legal obligations and put consumers in harm’s way. Our firm’s success speaks for itself. Not only have we been awarded record verdicts, but we have also obtained industry-leading settlements.

Lemon Law

The California Lemon Law protects you when you buy or lease a vehicle with problems that are covered by warranty and are seemingly unfixable. Overall, lemon laws exist to ensure that auto manufacturers abide by the promises made in their warranties. The key promise: vehicles should provide safe and reliable transportation.

If an issue in your car, truck or SUV is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, first appears during the warranty period and seemingly can’t be fixed, then your vehicle may be considered defective.

Under the California Lemon Law, auto manufacturers have an affirmative duty to repurchase or replace defective vehicles. If your vehicle is found to be a lemon, you may be entitled to a vehicle replacement or to a full refund, minus a mileage-based offset.

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